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06 May 2010 @ 08:48 pm
random: HSJ interesting Q&A!~  
Hi guys!!!
Yeah, I present and share to you a question and answer portion from our beloved Hey!Say!JUMP who had just recently announced the release of their first ever album!! Yey!

I don't know when was this, from what magazine and who translated it so I'm giving credits to anyone who did it. ^_^'  I just randomly researched on the internet about them and was led to the site asianpopcorn.com...
I guess this was posted already long time ago but I'm just thinking that you might appreciate the good old times of HSJ~ hahaha!!

The interesting questions are:

1. Who is bad @ waking up?
2. Who is the #1 glutton?
3. Who is the coolest?
4. Who is most likely kind to girls?
5. Who appears to be attracted to physical looks only?
6. Who looks like he'll get married early?
7. Who do you think is perverted? ^_^'

Click below to see who JUMP voted as the best person for each questions! :D

♥ the answers~

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